Benefits of Green Construction


Consider making your next remodeling or construction project a green one. Green homes are quieter, more comfortable and tend to have lower maintenance costs too! They also have a smaller carbon footprint and generate less waste than traditionally constructed homes.

Green contractors are dedicated to helping the environment while also protecting your health and saving you money! These contractors go out of their way to minimize the impact the work has on the environment by using locally available and eco-friendly building materials and on-site recycling.

For example, a green contractor may use repurposed wood and eco-friendly sealants and stains to construct a new porch. Traditional methods of sealing wood against the elements used toxic chemicals that can leak into the ground and affect air quality in your home. Your family can literally breathe easier if your home uses green construction materials and techniques. You don’t sacrifice quality with green construction [Read more…]

Keeping Your Indoor Environment Healthy During Winter


Winter is just around the corner. For most of us, that means it’s time to close up our homes. For the next six months our windows and doors will be shut tight and we’ll have our heating systems going full blast. While this will keep us toasty warm and comfortable, it can also have seriously unpleasant health effects.

Heating systems not only take the chill out of the air, but they take out most of the moisture too. That can lead to itchy dry skin, flaky scalps, scratchy throats, nosebleeds and bronchial irritation. To counteract this problem, a humidifier is a must. You can have one attached to your furnace or purchase a stand-alone model. If you choose the stand-alone model, be sure to keep it filled, and be especially vigilant about keeping it clean. Mold and bacteria build up inside the unit if it’s not cleaned regularly.    [Read more…]